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Tinnitus in Deaf and Hearing Loss Patients

A University of Nottingham researcher is conducting research into Tinnitus experienced by patients who are deaf or have hearing loss.  The purpose of the research is to learn how to better treat tinnitus in people who are deaf or have severe to profound hearing loss. Research participants will be asked to complete questionnaires and take part in an interview lasting approximately one hour, which can be face to face (in Nottingham) or held remotely over Zoom, Facetime or MS Teams. Continue reading →

An exciting opportunity to join a patient-informed research group at USAIS

The Auditory Implant Service would like to work with patients and carers to improve our service and provide an opportunity for members to develop and contribute to research in the areas in which we work.  Patients and carers who are interested will join a group.  Members of the group, who would like to, will be able to take part in events and join a Microsoft Teams site to discuss areas of interest and read about research opportunities. Continue reading →

2021/2022 Cochlear Scholarship Programme

Cochlear is offering a scholarship programme for a Cochlear CI or BCHD recipient in education after secondary school.  This can be either a University or an Apprenticeship candidate.   It would be lovely if someone from the South of England could benefit from the Scholarship this year.  It is worth applying as long as some of the criteria boxes are ticked. Continue reading →

Successful outcomes for children wearing hearing aids

A written article in the online Hearing Health and Technology Matters, explains how research has confirmed that the more a child wears hearing aids the better the outcome. This is not a surprise.  Several years ago it was reported that children who wore hearing aids 10 or more hours/day performed significantly better than kids who did not wear hearing aids 10 or more hours a day.  This is the Gold Standard. Continue reading →

MEDEL events for CI users and people considering a hearing implant

About MED-EL MED-EL manufacture a range of hearing implants and devices for babies, children, and adults. As the industry’s technology leader in implantable hearing solutions, MED−EL products are the result of over 40 years of focused research and a commitment by our founders to foster a company culture of excellence. MED-EL are present in over 120 countries, supporting over 200,000 users and their families across the world. Continue reading →

Wisdom and the Cochlear Implant Clinician

Professor Helen Cullington is an USAIS Clinician (Audiologist - Clinical Scientist) and Chair of the British Cochlear Implant Group.  Her recent article in ENT & Audiology News about the development of artificial intelligence, remote care and the role of the clinician delivers food for thought. Providing remote care is technologically easy: we’ve been able to remotely access someone else’s computer for decades, making even remote mapping technically easy. Continue reading →