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Patient Stories

We have created an online resource for patients who are going through a cochlear implant assessment. The Cochlear Implant Experiences website features information from the Director of USAIS, the cochlear implant surgeons and the patients themselves.

Hear personal stories from cochlear implant users about their experiences, and have your questions answered about the operation and onwards.

We have also added a section with videos from parents of children with cochlear implants. There are eight core themes which cover nursery provision, the assessment process, first sounds and helpful tips.

Visit the website at:



A Novel Approach to CI Adjustment and Rehabilitation

By Dr Chris Satchwell Unlike a few CI users who report that they can understand speech soon after switch on, I had to struggle to learn to use mine, but managed to do so fairly quickly through a combination of luck and half an idea of the type of training likely to work for me. Reflecting on my experience, I would like to share some draft principles that facilitated my CI learning and positive outcome as well as a framework for their understanding. Continue reading →

My Journey to Synchronised Hearing – the new Naida Link Hearing Aid

My hearing failed with age. An NHS referral to AIS for a CI failed, because residual hearing in one ear was too high. After three more years of fully-sustained residual hearing, I swallowed hard and went down the self-funded pathway. This began with conversations with USAIS. I knew of longer-term work to try to find a biological cure for my type of age-related deafness, so was interested in a single implant only. Continue reading →

“I don’t let anyone use my deafness as an excuse to not play hockey, including me!”

Carine Shergill is 14 years old, with bilateral cochlear implants and she is a keen hockey player. Hear how her deafness has not stopped her pursuing her passion. I am profoundly deaf. I have two implants, one Advanced Bionics and one Cochlear. I have played multiple sports: swimming, hockey, tennis, karate and cricket. I don’t play any of those sports anymore apart from hockey. Hockey is my life now and my best sport. Continue reading →

“I have now had an implant for four years and I cannot begin to explain how it helps me to get on with life”

My name is Julie. At the age of 42 I contracted meningococcal meningitis the results of which left me totally blind, totally deaf in my right ear and with about 40% hearing in my left ear. As you can imagine this all came as something of a shock. My balance had been greatly affected and it took me some time to learn to walk again as well as try to conquer the fear that came with being deaf and blind. Continue reading →

Hannah’s Story

My name is Hannah and I am 19 years old. I received bilateral Cochlear implants in the summer of 2014. I am currently on a gap year and will be going to university this coming September. I have actually been assessed for cochlear implants twice in my life, once at around the age of 5 and then again more recently at the age of 16. Continue reading →

Receiving the gift of sound

The University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service (USAIS) has welcomed its first ever couple to receive cochlear implants at the same time. Around 13,000 people in the UK now have cochlear implants to assist their hearing, with a large number of those - just over 1,100 - receiving their implants through USAIS which serves as the regional centre for the south and is the only service of its kind based at a university rather than at a hospital. Continue reading →