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Patient Stories

We have created an online resource for patients who are going through a cochlear implant assessment. The Cochlear Implant Experiences website features information from the Director of USAIS, the cochlear implant surgeons and the patients themselves.

Hear personal stories from cochlear implant users about their experiences, and have your questions answered about the operation and onwards.

We have also added a section with videos from parents of children with cochlear implants. There are eight core themes which cover nursery provision, the assessment process, first sounds and helpful tips.

Visit the website at:



Tina’s Story

My Hearing Journey, SoCo and Me As I write this, I’ve just posted on a Facebook Group page, these are my exact words .... “This Group has definitely been amazing in creating good friendships”  How did I come to write this, and what’s this Group all about, you ask?  Okay, so let me explain.... My name is Tina, I’m 41 years old and I was born profoundly deaf.  I am one of four siblings and my hearing loss is hereditary. Continue reading →