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We have created an online resource for patients who are going through a cochlear implant assessment. The Cochlear Implant Experiences website features information from the Director of USAIS, the cochlear implant surgeons and the patients themselves.

Hear personal stories from cochlear implant users about their experiences, and have your questions answered about the operation and onwards.

We have also added a section with videos from parents of children with cochlear implants. There are eight core themes which cover nursery provision, the assessment process, first sounds and helpful tips.

Visit the website at:



MEDEL Hearpeers – Webinar on 1st November 2023 @ 6pm

Hearpeers is MED-EL’s international community for people with hearing implants, those considering getting a hearing implant, and family or friends of implant users or candidates. With Hearpeers, you can connect with hearing implant recipients from around the world; learn more about hearing loss, hearing solutions, and life with a hearing implant; and hear from others about their journey into the hearing world. Continue reading →

Living with Deafness inspires Jacqueline Haskell

Living with deafness inspires Jacqueline Haskell's debut poetry collection for Myriad's spotlight on unrepresented writers Published 29 January 2020 - Price £5 per book ISBN 978-1-912408-46-7 or E-ISBN 978-1-912408-47-4 Link to entire book collection This dazzling series shows that if the barriers can be vaulted there is true beauty to be had from the lesser-walked streets of literature. Continue reading →