AIS Plus Services

In addition to clinical work, USAIS also undertakes a number of other activities:


USAIS has developed a strong research portfolio on the areas of improved diagnostics for cochlear implantation, evaluation of new materials for cochlear implant electrodes, remote care/telemedicine for cochlear implant users and enhancement of real world listening by supplementing cochlear implants with tactile of hearing aid stimulation.


USAIS staff contribute to teaching and training for audiologists and other health care professionals involved in the delivery of care to hearing impaired individuals.


USSIS runs training events for local professionals to help them to support children and adults with auditory implants. Therapists also run patient workshops including for example; Using the Telephone and Lipreading.

Self-Funding Cochlear Implant Service

Patients who choose to do so, are able to fund their own cochlear implant.

Auditory Processing Disorder

An Auditory Processing disorder (APD) refers to difficulty processing what is heard. In most cases hearing thresholds are normal, but APD can occur in the presence of a hearing impairment.

Private Hearing and Balance Centre

Since 2015 USAIS has offered private hearing and balance assessments for adults and children.


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