Patient and Family Feedback

New patient story

Auditory implant users are often asked what they think of our service. We listen to all feedback and are always making changes in order to improve. We would love to receive more comments about our service. Therefore, if you have an idea of how we could improve please get in touch.


Results of the USAIS patient, carer and parent feedback form

Patients attending the Auditory Implant Service for a review are being asked the following question:

“Overall, how was your experience of our service?” patients can then rate the service from Very good to Very poor.

Table with results from feedback by month

  Very good Good Acceptable Poor Very poor Total
January 2023 58 12 0 0 0 70
February 2023 58 7 0 0 0 65
March 2023 47 3 2 0 0 52
April 2023 25 4 0 0 0 29
May 2023 63 6 3 1 0 73
June 2023 33 4 1 1 9 39
July 2023 77 11 1 0 0 89
August 2023 41 5 0 1 0 47
September 2023 41 10 0 0 0 51
October 2023 59 5 0 0 0 64
November 2023 88 10 1 0 0 99
December 2023 19 4 1 0 0 24

If you you have not given us feedback and would like to do so now please use our online form.

Quotes from service users

In response to What did we do well?

“Everything even to explaining the service that is needed after you have shown me what parts need changing and how often”

“The atmosphere at appointments is relaxed and we’ve never felt rushed, even when our daughter was small”

“This was my first visit under Covid-19 conditions but all the staff were helpful to ensure the introduction to my new processor went well. Everything was clearly explained.”

“After struggling for many years with hearing loss, I was referred to AIS. At this time I was fitted with a BP110 in 2007. Thanks to the dedication and professionalism to all at AIS I was, in 2018, upgraded to a BAHA 5 Super Power processor. To me, living on my own, my wife passed away 5 years – the upgrade is of immense benefit. Thanks again.”

We appreciate comments on areas on which we could improve.  We have pasted some of the comments which come up every now and again as well as responses, which may be helpful to patients.

Please enclose a map of the university campus showing where Building 19 is

Response – USAIS sends a map of the Highfield Campus in a pack with forms and leaflets, prior to a patient’s first visit.  If this gets missed there is also a downloadable map and directions on our website

I can’t think of anything (apart from if there was somewhere a bit closer to me – being in Lancing)

Response – USAIS is a regional centre and so some of patients do need to travel a long way.  We try to bunch appointments together to minimise travel.  We hold some clinics at the Elizabeth Centre in the grounds of Queen Alexandra Hospital in Portsmouth and we also offer a remote support service for implanted through the CHOICE pathway

Nothing that I can think of – maybe a cup of tea!! 🙂

Response – USAIS has a small waiting room which accommodates a range of patients (all ages and abilities).  There is not enough space to provide catering facilities, however, there are several places around the University Highfield Campus where it is possible to purchase and eat refreshments.  Select “Highfield Campus” and then “Food and Drink”.  Patients can also bring food with them and eat it in our garden where there is a bench with seats.

The University suspended catering services in April 2020.  Catering services re-opened in  September 2020.

Have a screen which transcribes conversations

USAIS does have an iPad with a transcription service called “Dragon” which could be useful and provides a screen which transcribes conversations.  Clinicians are aware of this, but if you think it might be useful, do ask.

Word Cloud

USAIS created a Word Cloud for the 2018/19 Activity Report showing the most commonly used words found in patient feedback

AIS Feedback word cloud