Safety with a cochlear implant

Each of the cochlear implant manufacturers have their own safety precautions for the use of their devices.  They have developed safety guidelines in collaboration with the British Cochlear Implant Group (BCIG) which are helpful to refer to if you have any concerns.  Visit for the new guidance.

Medical Alerts

Are you aware that you can order an emblem (jewellery, wrist watch) for you/your child?  In case of emergency this emblem will alert the medical professionals about your cochlear implant.  There are two options; the first option is a paid service with the annual subscription charge from  In case of emergency the medical professionals will phone the medicalert team and get the details about your cochlear implant from them.  the second options comes with a one-off charge from, where your emblem can be engraves with any details you wish (e.g. name, ear implanted or any contraindications associated with CI).  If you have allergies to metal, the ID Band Company offer a variety of alternative materials such as silicone and fabric.


REMINDER – All cochlear implant users should be fully vaccinated against pneumococcal bacteria.  The current government advice is:

  • Adults should be vaccinated with the PPV vaccine (pneumovax)
  • Children under 2 are covered by the vaccinations in the childhood immunisation programme (PCV series).
  • Children over 2 should be vaccinated with the PPV vaccine (pneumovax)