Remote Mic Systems, Implants and Speech Testing

Course: Remote microphone systems, Auditory implants and Speech Testing

Date:     Monday 25 and Tuesday 26 March

Time:     9.30am – 5.00 pm

Fee:       £80 (includes lunch & refreshments)

Venue: University of Southampton, Avenue Campus Southampton

This course, in association with the Ewing Foundation, is for Teachers of the Deaf, Educational Audiologists and Technicians.

The course will provide information about remote microphone systems, fitting them, checking and assessing their benefit in line with the latest national Quality Standards and Good Practice Guidance.

What will the 2-day course cover?


  • Fitting options, policies and national guidance
  • Using remote microphone systems, including radio aids, with speech processors
  • Fitting, verification and validation of remote microphone systems (RMS)

Hands-on workshops and group sessions:

  • Verification of speech processors with various remote microphone systems
  • Validation with speech perception tests
  • Reviewing personal experiences: discussion and feedback sessions

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