Resources for patients

USAIS have put together information and documents, some of which are in the packs given out to patients during their implant journey.  If you have any queries or would like any additional information email USAIS at

Information required at the beginning of the patient journey

Association of Anaesthetists patient information leaflets

Early Days with the Device(s)

Essential Information post implant


BCIG Safety Information

Holiday Loaner Processors

Lost Processor form

Learning and improving life with an implant

Cochlear Implants and Sports

Learning to Localise Sounds

Why we play around with the Ling Sounds

Ling large pictures

Listening in the classroom ideas

Listening at home ideas

Devices and Manufacturers

Advanced Bionics

Getting to know your Neptune

Getting to know your Naida Q70/Q90


Getting to know your Nucleus 6

Getting to know your Nucleus 7

Top tips for streaming using an Apple device


Getting to know your RONDO

Getting to know your SONNET

Urgent NHS Medical (Non-Emergency) Services

Call 111 if you need medical help that cannot wait for a GP appointment, but it isn’t serious enough for an ambulance.

Please see links to media material on NHS 111 British Sign Language

Link to how to access NHS 111 BSL

Link to SCAS promotional video

Helping with Listening Effort

The cochlear implant is amazing technology.  However, even though it helps you to hear, it is not exactly the same as hearing normally.

Everyone has to use some listening effort to understand speech but cochlear implant users work harder than a hearing person because they must fill in the gaps in sound.

The “Go for Gold!” leaflet provides further information about “listening effort” as well as helpful hints and tips on how to train your brain and manage this skill.

Go for Gold – Leaflet for Adults

Go for Gold – Easy Read Leaflet

Support with mental health and Corona virus

AIS has created a page of information which may be helpful to you and your family.

Looking after your family’s mental health