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On-line course for those who support USAIS patients

USAIS staff will be delivering the first on-line course, using Microsoft Teams, for those who support cochlear implant patients.   The course will take place on the morning of Friday, 23rd October and is an Introduction to cochlear implants. This popular course has been run at the University annually for the past few years but due to COVID-19 and the need for social distancing, USAIS will be running the course on line in 2020. Continue reading →

‘Dad, it’s the first time we have ever phoned each other’

Published on LinkedIn on August 21, 2020   Matthew Johnston Yesterday, for the first time, I had the opportunity to do something that people all over the world do every day.  I called my son. ‘Dad, it’s the first time we have ever phoned each other’, said my son Harry. He’s 22 years old and talking to him on the phone was a defining moment for me. For those of you who don’t know me, I should probably explain. Continue reading →

Research on electro-haptics published in Nature Research

As well as treating patients with hearing difficulties USAIS also undertakes research.  Our latest research about the use electrodes on the skin, known as electro-haptics, to improve hearing, by locating the direction of sound and increasing the accuracy of speech heard has been published.  The research aims, methodology and results have been published in the prestigious on-line journal, Nature Research. Continue reading →

Research study looking at the experiences and hopes of ear deafened adults of a cochlear implant

My name is Suzanne O'Gara and I am a, PhD student and audiologist at the implant centre in Southampton. I wish to find out more about what patients hope to gain from an implant and their experiences will help other patients being assessed for an implant. If you were born with a hearing loss or your hearing loss was present before the age of 6 years of age, please contact me at for further information. https://youtu. Continue reading →

Advanced Bionic Mentors

Advanced Bionics (AB) has over 60 mentors throughout the UK and Ireland that are keen to support you during this time and beyond. If you would like to connect with someone who has been through cochlear implantation themselves or with their child, and is now using AB technology, our AB mentors can offer you support and advice -  there are a number of ways to get in touch! Our mentors would like to talk to you ‘One to One’ and they can do this in different ways. Continue reading →

Research into behaviour, language and communication skills in young children with cochlear implants

Dr Rachael Lawrence, a Researcher based in The Nottingham Hearing Biomedical Research Centre, specialises in Otorhinolaryngology (ear, nose and throat medicine) and is studying language and communication skills in children with cochlear implants. Speech and language abilities in children with cochlear implants vary widely, but we still don’t fully understand why. All children, like adults, have different patterns of behaviour. Continue reading →

Coronavirus – a book for children (with BSL)

This child-friendly book explains Coronavirus in a language many children will understand and there is link to a BSL story teller as well. Online link to the Coronavirus - a book for children This is just one resource on our Coronavirus support web page.  The page contains links to many resources and services that can help in this difficult time. Continue reading →