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Beware! Royal Mail Texting Scam

The Spares and Repairs team are regularly sending out parcels with spare parts and accessories.  We are, therefore, warning you about a postage scam.  Firstly, please note: The system we use for postage is very robust; it is extremely unlikely that the wrong postage would be applied. We always put our address on the back of the envelope which ensures that Royal Mail will return any items they are not able to deliver. Continue reading →

MED-EL UK Webinar series

Is a cochlear implant right for me? What you might look for in a cochlear implant Next steps These questions will be addressed in a 40 minute webinar to be repeated on the following dates: 24/3/2021 @ 2 pm 27/3/2021 @ 11 am The Webinar is for both cochlear implant users and candidates. If you would like to join a webinar, click on your chosen date and complete the "Survey Monkey" registration form. Continue reading →

USAIS joins Cochlear Implant International Community of Action (CIICA)

        CIICA: is an exciting new global community of cochlear implant user and family advocacy groups and individuals who support our shared vision of closing the global gap in cochlear implant provision and ensuring lifelong support for all who benefit.  The community of organisations and individuals value the opportunity for a new way of working for CI advocacy groups and the opportunity to make a difference. Continue reading →

PhD Audiology Opportunity: Subarachnoid Haemorrhage, Hearing and Cognition 

Subarachnoid haemorrhage (SAH), a subtype of stroke, is a bleed on the surface of the brain.  It has a high fatality rate (approximately 50%) and for those who survive it is often a life altering event. There is increasing recognition that, although people with a history of SAH look outwardly healthy, they have substantial "hidden" disability which impairs their daily functioning. Continue reading →

COVID-19 Update 3rd March 2021

We are very pleased to say that we are able to restart cochlear implant surgeries and will be contacting patients as we get slots allocated to us.  The number is still limited compared to our normal amount but we are very happy that we are in a position to offer some dates to patients who have been waiting a long time. Continue reading →

Recording of electrode voltages on the surface of head to test for cochlear implant problems

At USAIS we have developed a new, easy-to-use test which measures how current flows from cochlear implants. The test uses electrodes which are placed on the head of the cochlear implant user. The test is able to accurately pick up when the current flow within the implant is not normal, such as when the device is not fully inside the cochlea.  The test also has the potential to show up other subtler problems with the device. Please see examples of test results below. Continue reading →

COVID-19 update 6th January 2021 (with BSL)

Following the government announcement on the 5 Jan, the Auditory Implant Service is still open for clinicians to see patients in clinic.   We are reviewing the appointments that have been booked and will be postponing some of them to ensure we remain COVID-safe during a time when the virus is highly transmittable. We will contact patients if their appointment has to be cancelled for the time being.  If you need an urgent appointment, please let us know. Continue reading →

Sarah Flynn – Clinical Scientist (Audiology) – Retirement

Sarah retired at the end of November 2020.  She was an Audiologist and colleague who worked at USAIS as the lead in Bone Anchored Hearing Devices.  Sarah reflects on her working life below: During my 23 plus years at the Auditory Implant Service I have met many interesting and wonderful staff, patients and others in the wider auditory implant field. I have moved buildings, the department has changed it’s name and staff have come and gone. Continue reading →