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Lipreading Course Returns September 2024

USAIS Hearing Therapist, Samantha Johnson, is an experienced lipreading teacher and will be running a 10-week introduction to lipreading course on Wednesday mornings. The first of the ten sessions will start at 10 am on Wednesday 25th September 2024.  Each session will last for two hours. All sessions will be held in accessible rooms on the Southampton University Campus. For more information select the link below, to the Lipreading course page on this website. Continue reading →

USAIS Building Closure – Friday 21st June 2024

As the works to demolish the Faraday Building on the University Site continue, a new power supply has been established and the USAIS building will need to be connected.  This work will require Building 19, to be closed on Friday 21st June 2024. There will be no appointments on the day and it will not be possible to visit the clinic. If you need support please contact staff either by telephone, email or text. Continue reading →

Join Patricia’s Hearing Implant Webinar – 11am 29th June 2024

Hosted by Patricia, a middle ear implant user who will share her journey and discuss how her implant helped her to cope with the symptoms of Ménière’s disease*.  Patricia was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease in her 20’s and was prescribed medication by her GP which was not effective. She later received grommets which helped to relieve the symptoms and she continued to use this form of treatment for over 20 years. Continue reading →

Parkview Primary School in Basingstoke needs Volunteer Role Models

The school will be holding an event on Wednesday 5th June at Parkview Primary school in Basingstoke.  They are looking for D/deaf adults who are willing to come to the school and talk briefly about their work and experiences, answer a couple of questions from the children and maybe do a short demo linked with their job or an interest they have (for example - if they work as a hairdresser doing a quick hair cut/ style on a volunteer). Continue reading →

We need volunteer Young People (less than 8 years or more than 16 years)

We are looking for bilateral cochlear implant users aged under 8 years or over 16 years to come into USAIS and be photographed and filmed playing with virtual reality BEARS games for a press release. BEARS is a research programme which uses games on an iPad and a virtual reality device.  The aim is to establish whether and by how much these games improve communication skills in the young people that use them. Please contact if you would like to take part. Continue reading →

Marvel Sound Processor Group Tuning Session – Wednesday 17th April 2024

Do you use a Marvel sound processor? We can now do tuning and check your implant remotely, using the new AB Remote Support app on your smartphone.  Your processors need to be updated to use this.  This will have happened if you've been in clinic since 1st December 2023 (or had a processor sent to you).  If you haven't got an updated processor, we are running a group session at USAIS today. Wednesday 17th April 2024 from 1.30 pm to 3. Continue reading →

International Conference – CI Advocacy in Action

Cochlear Implant International Community of Action (CIICA) is holding their first global conference in Brussels, Belgium on 9th May 2024. This first ever global advocacy conference on Cochlear Implants will provide crucial learning opportunities and a chance to be part of a global movement for change. The conference delegates will hear about how successful advocates for CI have achieved success, learn from professionals and share challenges to get new ideas from their global partners. Continue reading →


Exciting news  MED-EL will be hosting three fun filled family friendly meet up days in 2024! The events are perfectly suited for MED-EL device users, those considering a cochlear implant, middle ear implant, bone conduction implant or bone conduction system as well as professionals in the hearing industry. Continue reading →

Smoke and CO2 Alarms for those who may not hear them

If you are deaf or have hearing loss, there are smoke and CO2 alarm systems available that can help alert you when an alarm goes off in your home. Options include: Vibrating pads Vibrating pagers Flashing lights The British Standard (BS 5446 part 3: 2015) sets out the requirements that fire and carbon monoxide alarms for people who are deaf or have hearing loss should meet.  For CO detectors ensure they meet BS EN 50291 Part 1 and have a BSI Kitemark symbol. Continue reading →