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National advice on flu vaccine and children and young people

Children with cochlear implants can be vaccinated safely with LAIV (Live Attenuated Influenza Vaccine) although ideally not in the week prior to implant surgery or for two weeks afterwards, or if there is evidence of on-going cerebrospinal fluid leak. This will be added to Influenza Green book chapter. Publishing of this is expected to be very soon. See announcement on BCIG (British Cochlear Implant Group) website Continue reading →

RESEARCH OPPORTUNITY: Online workshops for children between the ages of 8 and 16

Are you a parent/guardian of a child/children between the ages of 8 and 16? We are conducting two online workshops which aim to adapt a questionnaire for those with severe hearing loss.  This questionnaire is to help us better understand how hearing loss affects children’s daily lives (something we call quality of life).  These online workshops are open to young people aged 8 -16. Continue reading →

The Soldier’s Tale – with BSL or Captions – Saturday 16th October 2021

A pact with the Devil, a magic book that can tell the future, and a charmed violin which holds power over all who hear it… Score by Igor Stravinsky This classic tale is played, danced and performed by the cast at the Turner Simms Concert hall on Saturday 16th October.  The performances are accessible to people with hearing loss through the use of a BSL interpreter or captions. Continue reading →

Flu vaccine vs nasal spray for children and young people

Upon further investigation, the existing guidance regarding potential issues with the nasal spray flu vaccination for children with cochlear implants has been only issued by US and Irish health governing bodies. To date the U.K. has not issued any guidance (this is a correction from our previous post) We are looking into this a bit more in detail and will issue an update on our website and social media as and when we have more information. Continue reading →

Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

In conjunction with the British Tinnitus Association and Gemma Crundwell from Cambridge, new leaflets about Tinnitus and Hearing Loss are now available on the BCIG website The leaflets are available to download in large print as well as in ordinary versions: Tinnitus and Cochlear Implants; Tinnitus and severe profound hearing loss. You may be interested to know, for example Whilst many people do find that a cochlear implant improves their tinnitus, this cannot be guaranteed. Continue reading →

Flu Vaccine for Children with a Cochlear Implant

  Some children might be eligible for the flu vaccination, if their parents choose for them to have it. We have been made aware of advice from the UK HSE which suggests that children with cochlear implants should not have the nasal flu spray since this is a live vaccine. We would recommend that this is discussed with your GP who may choose to administer it as an injectable vaccination appropriate for the age of the child. Continue reading →

Emergency Video Relay Service for BSL Users available in 2022 (with BSL)

Ofcom have announced that BSL users will be able to contact emergency services using video relay in 2022. Ofcom are requiring telephone and broadband providers to offer a free 24/7 video relay service for BSL users to contact the emergency services, via a dedicated mobile app and website. Ofcom announced their decision on 22nd June 2021.  In March 2021 a relay service which supported BSL users to communicate with healthcare providers ceased due to a lack of funding. Continue reading →

Electro-Haptic Stimulation: A New Approach for Improving Cochlear-Implant Listening

              Carl Verschuur and Mark Fletcher have written a paper about Electro-Haptic devices in their new paper "Electro-Haptic Stimulation: A New Approach for Improving Cochlear-Implant Listening." Haptic (or tactile) aids for the hearing-impaired, which turn sound into a sensation of touch on the skin, were rendered obsolete in the 1990s by the development and success of cochlear implants. Continue reading →

USAIS Recruitment to various roles

Clinic Administrator (Closing date 17th June 2021) - 27 hours per week fixed term 20 months Responsible for processing referrals, booking appointments, dealing with queries, collating and sending out information to patients or clinical and management staff.  USAIS is looking for an experienced administrator, who will demonstrate excellent organisational and communication skills and a customer-centric approach. Continue reading →