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Listening for better hearing

An information evening to explore exhibits about hearing, looking after our brain and cochlear implants. There will be a presentation with a guest speaker followed by an interactive panel discussion led by questions from the audience.  At the exhibits you will discover more about the world of hearing, cochlear implants and brain health. Continue reading →

Temporary changes to parking and access arrangements

Due to the demolition of the Faraday Building and Podium (Building 21) on the University site, access to USAIS (Building 19) and parking arrangements will change.  The changes are shown on the map and are described, on this post below. The current changes to arrangements are shown immediately below. Current Parking and Access Arrangements Vehicular access to University site from Granby Grove and Hartley Avenue not available. Continue reading →

Tinnitus Workshop

Troubled by Tinnitus? This workshop may be for you.  It is suitable for those who are 6+ months post implantation The USAIS tinnitus workshop will be held at 10.00 am on Wednesday 13th September 2023.  The workshop will take place at the University of Southampton Highfield Campus and run until 12.30 pm. Continue reading →

Introducing Carol Xie

Carol Xie will be joining the USAIS team during August as our newest surgeon.   Carol will return from her Otology Fellowship in Auckland, New Zealand to take up her post at Basingstoke and North Hampshire Hospital (Hampshire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust).  She will then start work as one of the USAIS Surgeons. Continue reading →

Shared learning at ESPCI 2023 conference

The European Symposium on Paediatric Cochlear Implantation (ESPCI) in 2023 was held in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands, last week. 1,500 cochlear implant clinicians from around the world shared their knowledge in one fabulous venue. The themes discussed during the event were: Hearing and the developing brain Novel implants, therapies and fitting Growing up with CI Sustainable and green Three members of the USAIS clinical team attended the conference this year. Continue reading →

Is music an option for Cochlear Implant users?

USAIS patients will often ask whether they will be able to enjoy music after their operation.  USAIS' Dr Mary Grasmeder did develop a music programme to support patients with their hearing development and enjoyment of life and hosted training sessions around this.  You can read more about this here. The music programme and training sessions have now been superseded by more recent developments. Continue reading →

Food and drink on the University Campus

Food and drink around the University Campus is a short walk away from the Auditory Implant Service Centre and is worth a visit if you are with USAIS for the day or arrive early.  The food and drink page on the website has been updated, so take a look if you would like to know more about the various food and drink establishments around the University. Continue reading →