Tinnitus Workshop

Troubled by Tinnitus? This workshop may be for you.  It is suitable for those who are 6+ months post implantation

The USAIS tinnitus workshop will be held at 10.00 am on Wednesday 13th September 2023.  The workshop will take place at the University of Southampton Highfield Campus and run until 12.30 pm.  The workshop will cover:

  • tinnitus mechanisms
  • the way our thoughts can affect our behaviours/responses to tinnitus
  • ideas for relaxation and tinnitus management

To book a place you must do one of the following:

  • send an email to usaiscp@soton.ac.uk.
  • telephone general enquiries on 012 8059 3522
  • send a text to 07887 790765

Please let us know, when you book, if you need USAIS to take into consideration any particular needs to make this event as good as it can possibly be for you (such as wheelchair access, BSL Interpreter or Notetaker).

We will confirm your place, but USAIS must receive your request to join the workshop no later than 23rd August 2023.