Eligibility for NHS Care

The right to use NHS services depends on being usually settled in the UK on a lawful basis.

It does NOT depend on

  • Nationality
  • Payment of UK taxes
  • National Insurance contributions
  • Being registered with a GP
  • Having an NHS number, or
  • Owning property in the UK

To be considered ordinarily resident, you must be living in the UK on a lawful and properly settled basis.

Our commissioners are NHS England, so if you are resident in Wales, Scotland or Northern Ireland your treatment and the maintenance of your equipment will not be funded by NHS England.

The NHS is a residence-based healthcare system.  If you live abroad on a permanent basis, you will not automatically be entitled to medical treatment under normal NHS rules. 

If you move abroad, you should notify your GP practice so you and your family can be removed from the NHS register.

If you have any questions about your eligibility for NHS care please email ais@soton.ac.uk.

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