Useful Contacts


Purpose of contact Telephone and Mobile Email Fax
General Enquiries Telephone 023 8059 3522 023 8059 9608
Spares and Repairs 023 8058 4068  
SMS Text 078 8779 0765    
Confidential (password required)  


 Useful Contacts

Locality Team Leader Clinical Secretary Surgeon
Central Anna Duncan Petrina Butler Mr W Hellier
East Nicola Sheppard Helen Stockley Mr M Pringle
North Sarah Baumann TBA Mr M Geyer
West Roberta Buhagiar Michaela Rogerson Mr T Mitchell

Laura Jennings – Clinic Support Manager

Mel Alarcon – AIS Admin Team Manager

Referrals and Operations

Cochlear Implants

Helen Wilkinson-Tough, Senior Administrator

AIS Plus (self-funding CI, Private Hearing & Balance, APD)

Fiona Jones, Senior Administrator

NHS Bone Conduction Hearing Implants

Fiona Jones, Senior Administrator

NB: For secure NHS Referrals please use

Communication and Training

Anna Read, Senior Administrator