Assessments for a Cochlear Implant

Candidates for a cochlear implant will receive a multi-disciplinary assessment. Assessments are carried out one week in each month to allow candidates to meet with others that are also in the assessment phase.

Each assessment is tailored to the individual and we will try to carry out the assessment as quickly as possible. Finally, at the end of the assessment the team will get together to discuss whether the candidate is likely to benefit from a cochlear implant(s).

If the patient is likely to benefit from a cochlear implant and meets the NICE TAG 166 Guidelines then funding will be routinely given by NHS England. Then the patient will be added to the waiting list for surgery. If they are not within criteria for NHS funding but can still benefit from a cochlear implant then they can access our Self-funded cochlear implant pathway

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Service delivery to Children and Young People at USAIS – After Implantation

What does a cochlear implant assessment at the Auditory Implant Service involve?

Click on the links below to get an idea about the assessment schedules for adults and children. 

Adult assessment

child and teen assessment