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Here at University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service, we are very committed to research in order to ultimately benefit our patients. We are also involved in teaching Audiology BSc and MSc students, and often they undertake a cochlear implant research project as their dissertation. You may be asked if you would like to take part in a research project. This is entirely your choice, and will not affect your other appointments at USAIS at all. If you do take part, your expenses will usually be paid.

Music-related quality of life questionnaire

Giorgos Dritsakis

The Music-related Quality of Life (MuRQOL) questionnaire for cochlear implant users was developed and validated as part of a three Read more…

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Remote Care Research Project

Helen Cullington

Dr Helen Cullington, Principal Clinical Scientist (pictured) is currently funded by The Health Foundation to deliver a project investigating the Read more…

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Donations funding research

We are delighted to say that many of our patients, their families and friends raise money for our centre through Read more…

Inflammatory state as a predictor of hearing preservation

Andrew Causon, PhD student, Cochlear implants improve the hearing of thousands of people around the world but we still Read more…

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Tuning Cochlear Implants for Improved Pitch Perception

Mary Grasmeder, PhD student and Clinical Scientist, This project is looking at the allocation of different sounds to different Read more…

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Music composition project

Through a unique series of music workshops this project explored aspects of music that can be appreciated by CI users. It culminated Read more…

UK National Paediatric Bilateral Audit

We coordinated a large multi-centre audit looking at the outcomes of over 1000 children receiving two cochlear implants from 2010 Read more…

Do you want to volunteer for research?

Our most valuable research asset is you – the cochlear implant user!  Our clinical research cannot continue without your help! Read more…

Conference presentations

Please have a look through previous presentations from conferences.  Let us know if you have any questions. Click here.