Recording of electrode voltages on the surface of head to test for cochlear implant problems

At USAIS we have developed a new, easy-to-use test which measures how current flows from cochlear implants.

The test uses electrodes which are placed on the head of the cochlear implant user.

The test is able to accurately pick up when the current flow within the implant is not normal, such as when the device is not fully inside the cochlea.  The test also has the potential to show up other subtler problems with the device.

Please see examples of test results below.

This test has been developed by a research team at USAIS.  If you would like to read more about this, their paper in published in the Journal Cochlear Implants International.  The title of the paper and link to the on-line article are below:

Piloting the recording of electrode voltages (REVS) using surface electrodes as a test to identify cochlear implant electrode migration, extra-cochlear electrodes and basal electrodes causing discomfort

The research team are:

Mary Grasmeder, Carl Verschuur, Robyn Ferris, Sundus Basodan, Tracey Newman and Alan Sanderson

Any questions about this work should be directed to