An exciting opportunity to join a patient-informed research group at USAIS

The Auditory Implant Service would like to work with patients and carers to improve our service and provide an opportunity for members to develop and contribute to research in the areas in which we work. 

Patients and carers who are interested will join a group.  Members of the group, who would like to, will be able to take part in events and join a Microsoft Teams site to discuss areas of interest and read about research opportunities.  You will be invited to attend meetings specific to the development of the group and with researchers who are studying in areas related to our work.  We will be hosting events both in person and on-line. 

You will be invited to explore how to raise and prioritise the issues that matter to children and adults who use implants.  You will learn how to turn a question in to project and help to make it happen.  You could be working with other patients, family members, manufacturers, researchers, clinicians and other health professionals.

We have received a small amount of funding, which will add value and enable us to make these events as interesting and useful to our members as possible.

Members who are not on the internet, or who do not have an email address will receive their information and invitations through the post.

If you would like to join this group, please complete the form below and either post it or email it to the addresses below.

Patient and Carer Group Consent Form

Please email the form to:

or Post it to: Anna Read, Auditory Implant Services, Building 19, University of Southampton, Highfield Campus, Southampton, SO17 1BJ