CHOICE – cochlear implant home care


Cochlear implant home care- an alternative way to look after your hearing!

The department is excited to provide an alternative care pathway – a home care pathway for patients who want to manage their cochlear implant care themselves at home.  It involves using a personalised website called CHOICE where patients can:

  • do a hearing check at home
  • do music or telephone training
  • practise listening in background noise
  • request spares and repairs
  • upload a photo of the implant site (behind the ear) for a clinician to check
  • fill in a general check-up questionnaire. 

We are pleased to offer CHOICE to anyone who would like to try during these difficult times.  When appointments at the centre return to normal, you can come and see us for any help you need.

The hearing check is quite difficult and not everyone will be able to do it – so don’t worry at all, you can enjoy using all the other features.

Register here:

The registration code is implant. 

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Find out more by watching this video CHOICE for patients.

Please email for any questions. We have provided links to additional information as well as a BSL video below:

Also have a look at the Participant Information Sheet which gives you full information about CHOICE and how we are evaluating it.