Refreshments and catering services around the University

USAIS has a small waiting room which accommodates a range of patients (all ages and abilities).  There is not enough space to provide catering facilities.

Ordinarily, there are several places around the Highfield University Campus to visit for food and refreshments.  The University has provided information about this to students and there is a link and instructions below to access that page. The University Library is the nearest refreshment facility to the USAIS building and a walk there will take approximately 5 minutes. There is a Starbucks at which food can be purchased and seating and microwaves in the foyer in which patients can sit and prepare their own food alongside Southampton University students.

Click on the link below and select the “Food and drink” button to see what is available.  

University information page

Patients are welcome bring their own refreshments and, when the weather permits, enjoy this in our garden where there are bench seats.

There is a water dispensing machine in reception and small cups are available to use.