Refreshments and catering services around the University

USAIS has a small waiting room which accommodates a range of patients (all ages and abilities).  There is not enough space to provide catering facilities.

Ordinarily, there are several places around the Highfield University Campus to visit for food and refreshments.  The University has provided information about this to students and there is a link below to that page. 

Click on the link and select Highfield Campus and then Food and Refreshments to see what is available.  Note that the library is currently operating a takeaway service and the kiosks have been removed for the timebeing.

University information page

Catering services re-opened September 2020 and are continuing to open throughout the month.  Most University services are operating on a takeaway basis for the timebeing, though Costa and Pret-a-Manger have seating facilities.

Patients can also bring food with them and eat it in our garden where there is a bench with seats

During COVID-19 restrictions the water fountain is not available for use.  This is to prevent cross-contamination. Please bring your own water to drink.

We recommend that whilst restrictions are in place, patients do not eat food in the waiting room and drink only from their own water bottles or containers.