Beware! Royal Mail Texting Scam

The Spares and Repairs team are regularly sending out parcels with spare parts and accessories.  We are, therefore, warning you about a postage scam.  Firstly, please note:

  1. The system we use for postage is very robust; it is extremely unlikely that the wrong postage would be applied.
  2. We always put our address on the back of the envelope which ensures that Royal Mail will return any items they are not able to deliver.
  3. If an item is not delivered we can investigate and resolve any issue.  Patients are not required to pay a single penny towards the cost.

There is no reason whatsoever for any patient to pay additional postage costs.

The scammers are sending texts to random people to try to obtain financial information which will give them access to your bank account. The text, claiming to be from Royal Mail arrives out of the blue and claims that

your Royal Mail parcel is awaiting delivery. Please confirm the settlement of 1.99 (GBP) on the following link. 

If you receive a text such as the one above, DO NOT click on the link or provide any banking information.  If your spares or accessories do not arrive, contact us by email to check whether the items have been sent and when.  The email address is

For more information go to this Royal Mail post