Advanced Bionic Mentors

Advanced Bionics (AB) has over 60 mentors throughout the UK and Ireland that are keen to support you during this time and beyond. If you would like to connect with someone who has been through cochlear implantation themselves or with their child, and is now using AB technology, our AB mentors can offer you support and advice –  there are a number of ways to get in touch!

Our mentors would like to talk to you ‘One to One’ and they can do this in different ways. If you want to meet a mentor face to face via video on Facebook, WhatsApp, Zoom or similar platforms please let us know- you can do this by emailing Once you let us know you would like to be contacted we can put you in touch with someone who can help you.

AB mentors can also be contacted online on HearingJourney™ (you will need to register before you join the group). The UK & Ireland mentors can be found using the link below. This allows one to one written communication with a mentor of your choice – please look at their profiles to find someone you would like to connect with.

 Hearing Journey Mentors

The AB Mentors have an independent, active and welcoming Facebook group ideal for those thinking about cochlear implants or wearing AB. Please see the link below for the ‘Advanced Bionics UK & Ireland – Users Group’ to join nearly 500 others in this group. Many of the AB Mentors host social groups throughout the country and in this time of lockdown, some have taken these online so you don’t miss out! To find out more join using this link:

 Hearing Mentors Facebook page