The SOUNDBRIDGE is a unique middle ear implant system for individuals who have not experienced an improvement with conventional hearing aids or cannot use them for medical reasons. This is often the case with permanent hearing loss after middle ear surgery or when hearing aids cannot be worn due to chronic ear canal inflammation (i.e., otitis externa). The SOUNDBRIDGE can be an effective solution for cases of mild to severe sensorineural hearing loss, as well as for conductive or mixed hearing loss.

In contrast to a hearing aid – which can only make sounds entering the ear canal louder – the SOUNDBRIDGE converts the signals from the environment into mechanical vibrations. This mechanical energy directly stimulates the structures of the middle ear and allows even high-pitched tones to be perceived exceptionally well.

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The VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE, a device offered by MED-EL, is celebrating 20 years. To find about more about the impacts on users please click here.

USAIS can offer the VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE as an option for people aged five years or older.