Tinnitus and Hearing Loss

In conjunction with the British Tinnitus Association and Gemma Crundwell from Cambridge, new leaflets about Tinnitus and Hearing Loss are now available on the BCIG website

The leaflets are available to download in large print as well as in ordinary versions: Tinnitus and Cochlear Implants; Tinnitus and severe profound hearing loss.

You may be interested to know, for example

Whilst many people do find that a cochlear
implant improves their tinnitus, this cannot
be guaranteed. If you are concerned about
tinnitus you should talk to your implant team.

Also, did you know that stress is often linked to tinnitus?

Stress is often linked to tinnitus. By relaxing
more you may feel less stressed and so notice
your tinnitus less. Relaxing your body (even if
you do not feel tense) often helps with sleep
and tension caused by the tinnitus.

For more information about Cochlear Implants and Tinnitus read the leaflet about this on the BCIG website.  Here is a link to this and other information on this subject

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