Join Patricia’s Hearing Implant Webinar – 11am 29th June 2024

Hosted by Patricia, a middle ear implant user who will share her journey and discuss how her implant helped her to cope with the symptoms of Ménière’s disease*. 

Patricia was diagnosed with Ménière’s disease in her 20’s and was prescribed medication by her GP which was not effective. She later received grommets which helped to relieve the symptoms and she continued to use this form of treatment for over 20 years.

Over time her hearing deteriorated and at this point, she needed to be fitted with hearing aids. She persevered with hearing aids for the next four years but became bilaterally deafened. During this time Patricia became isolated and lost all her confidence.

Following her move back to her home county of Yorkshire, Patricia decided to seek the advice of a medical professional who recommended VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE, a MEDEL middle ear implant. In 2013 Patricia underwent surgery and recalls her thoughts after


If you would like to hear more about Patricia’s story, sign up for her online webinar on 29th June 2024 at 11 am.  More information and a link to the registration page is available on the link below:

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