COVID-19 Update 3rd November 2020 (pre November 2020 Lockdown)

Following the most recent guidance from the Government, effective from Thursday 5 November for at least 4 weeks, we have reviewed our working practise to ensure that we will be complying with national restrictions. 

USAIS is already implementing a maximally Covid-safe scenario with reduced activity, so we do not envisage any change at all in terms of how USAIS is running for the new lockdown, though of course we will keep this under review. In fact, guidance on NHS activity is clearly that both elective and non-elective activity continues, with no change.

We understand that some patients/families will not wish to attend appointments during this time, and we will respect this decision.  We do ask you to let us know as soon as possible if you receive an appointment and would like to cancel it, so we are able to offer this slot to another patient.  If appropriate, we will discuss with you different options of how we can support you during this time.