COVID-19 Update October 2020

USAIS is currently running a limited service with an amended clinic timetable to ensure that we remain Covid-safe.  This means that we have set times when we are able to see patients so we can control how many people are in the waiting room at any one time. 

We have a backlog of appointments, including upgrades that need to be booked which we are working through. 

The priority is given to patients who are recently implanted with a CI or fitted with a BCHI, and any patients experiencing difficulties. 

Information on what to expect when you come to AIS is sent out with the appointment details and we triage all patients before they come to clinic.

Our repairs service is still running but we are not able to accept walk-ins.  Please contact us if you are experiencing difficulties with your device.  Details are found in Contact Us tab.

We are very glad to say that we have been able to go ahead with a number of operations for both CI and BCHI so the waiting list is getting shorter, even though it still remains longer than usual.  Please do not worry that we have missed you out.