COVID-19 Update 11th May 2021 (with BSL)

We would like to let you know how USAIS is able to support our patients and service users as the Covid-19 situation gradually improves.  We are very pleased to report that the USAIS clinic has remained open throughout this year, and we have also managed to increase the number of patients we are able to see over the last few months, while maintaining a Covid-safe environment.  While it has not been possible to undertake all routine appointments as we would normally, we encourage you to get in touch with us if you experience any difficulties with your devices. During the last year, we have increased the number of “remote” consultations we have with our patients, often via video-conferencing platforms such as Zoom, and we anticipate continuing to do so for those of you for whom it is a suitable and positive option.

Another very positive piece of news is that we have been able to re-start operations over the last couple of months. Because we do need to work through a number of patients who are currently waiting for an operation, we are not yet able to see patients who were referred to us but who have not started their assessments. If you are waiting to begin your assessment, please be reassured that you will be contacted at a later date and hopefully within the next few months, provided that government guidance does not change.  Referrals are also being prioritised so that, if a patient is deemed to be clinically urgent, we will see them in clinic as soon as we can.

At USAIS we would like to take the opportunity to thank you for your patience and cooperation through these unusual times, and look forward together to an improving situation during the course of 2021!