Baha® Connect

The Baha® comprises a vibration transducer which is coupled to a titanium implant surgically fixed to the temporal bone of the skull. In normal hearing, sound is transmitted to the inner ear by air through the external ear canal and the bones of the middle ear, this is called air conduction.

Therefore people who are unable to hear using air conduction are able to receive sound by bone conduction using a Baha®. Different processors are available for different hearing levels.

Baha 5

Baha® 5 Connect System

Baha 5 Power

Baha® 5 Power

Baha 5 Superpower

Baha® 5 Super Power

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USAIS can offer the Baha® Connect as an option for people when the skull bone is thick enough, which is usually aged five years or older. The Baha® Connect is also available on a Sound Arc or Softband for patients who wish to have a non-surgical option. This option is available at any age.


For more than 30 years Baha® has been used in helping people overcome their hearing impairment. In addition there are more than 80,000 users worldwide and there is an abundance of clinical evidence supporting the benefits of Baha®.

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