Smoke and CO2 Alarms for those who may not hear them

Smoke Alarm with flashing lights

If you are deaf or have hearing loss, there are smoke and CO2 alarm systems available that can help alert you when an alarm goes off in your home.

Options include:

  • Vibrating pads
  • Vibrating pagers
  • Flashing lights

The British Standard (BS 5446 part 3: 2015) sets out the requirements that fire and carbon monoxide alarms for people who are deaf or have hearing loss should meet.  For CO detectors ensure they meet BS EN 50291 Part 1 and have a BSI Kitemark symbol.

Safe and Well Visits

Members of the local Fire and Rescue service can visit your home for a Safe and Well visit and check for fire risks and provide advice on what action to take in the event of fire.  Make sure you tell the team that you are deaf or have hearing loss and which aids you use so that they can recommend the most suitable alarms.

For more information, visit this page on the Royal National Institute for the Deaf (RNID) website:

RNID Smoke Alarm Information Page