Have you ever wondered why USAIS need to know that you are having an MRI scan?

BCIG have issued a Patient Information sheet about MRI’s and Cochlear Implants.  It’s a comprehensive guide which is attached to this post.  

An MRI machine uses a powerful magnet to make images of your body.  A cochlear implant contains metal and uses a magnet to attach the external part of the device to the internal part.  The two things will attract.  Furthermore, there are different designs of implant so it is important to know which type your implant has in order to ensure the MRI is safe.  The Audiologists at USAIS understand this and are able to advise of the best way forward.

This applies to having an MRI scan to any part of your body.

Whatever the reason, please always let USAIS know that you are having an MRI so that our Audiologists can advise you and the hospital how to proceed with the scan safely.

BCIG MRI patient info sheet