COVID-19 Update – USAIS is accepting referrals (with BSL)

Building 19

USAIS is accepting referrals for candidates for cochlear implantation or bone-conduction hearing instruments from NHS providers. More information and our contact details can be found at .

We are pleased to say that we have been able to carry out some cochlear implant operations since the beginning of May.  Unfortunately our current waiting list for surgery is significantly longer than usual.  This has been out of our control, but we are working closely with the various hospitals to be able to have more operation slots made available to us.

Clinical need and patient safety will be the priorities in allocation of operation slots. 

In light of the current restriction in activities at our clinic site and local hospital trusts who are our partners, we are currently unable to receive referrals for self-funded cochlear implantation or Auditory Processing Disorder.  We will be reviewing  the situation regarding these types of referrals and will publicise as soon as the status changes.