COVID-19 Update 3rd March 2021 (with BSL)

We are very pleased to say that we are able to restart cochlear implant surgeries and will be contacting patients as we get slots allocated to us.  The number is still limited compared to our normal amount but we are very happy that we are in a position to offer some dates to patients who have been waiting a long time.

We will delay seeing patients who have been referred to us but have not started their assessment as yet since we need to work through the number of patients who are currently waiting for an operation.  Please do not worry, you will be contacted in the next few months unless any government guidance changes.  Referrals are also triaged so if a patient is deemed to be clinically urgent, we will see them in clinic as soon  as we can.

We are still seeing implanted patients in clinic, and requests for these will be triaged by clinicians.  Please do get in touch if you experience any difficulties with your devices.