Teens Rifle Shooting

Teens shooting

We held another fun activity for teens in Southampton on 24th September 2016. 7 teens with cochlear implants came to try out Rifle Shooting at the University of Southampton Watersports Centre. A few of them had some experience at shooting already but it was a new skill to try for most of us. We were offered a whole range of guns to try out from a pistol to a large sniper rifle. Our instructor went through the various safety instructions and USAIS staff assisted by signing the instructions if required or demonstrating what to do next. Everyone managed to hit the target and most showed considerable improvement over the course of the afternoon. It all sounded complicated but once we had had a few goes it became much easier. It was great fun, lots of chance to learn and improve. We had some delicious pizza at the end sitting at the picnic table by the river and had a laugh posing for photos with the guns. Do have a look at the photos!

I am always looking to do fun events with teenagers. If you have any good ideas for future events do contact me, Rebecca Ricaud at rag@isvr.soton.ac.uk.