Stock Update

Wireless Accessories

By now those of you who were due to be given a free Cochlear Wireless, Phoneclip, MiniMic or TV Streamer for your N6 processor will have received one in the post or you will be aware that it is here waiting for you. I’d like to take this opportunity to remind you now that this item has been provided free of charge by Cochlear and cannot be supported by USAIS if it develops a fault or is damaged. Cochlear have provided the items with a one year warranty and should you need assistance the most efficient way to do this is to contact them directly. If you have problems with your device they can be reached directly on:

Telephone           01932 263 620




Holiday Loaners

Recently we’ve had some feedback on the holiday loan scheme. It has come to our attention that not as many of you know about this scheme as we thought!

If you don’t already know all of the manufacturers run schemes where they will support you with equipment and sound processors if you are travelling abroad and are worried about having technical issues with your equipment whilst you are away. We wouldn’t want anything to spoil special times away with family and friends so please let us know if you are planning a trip and we can supply you with the information you need. All of the companies require at least one month’s notice to get everything ready for you.


USAIS is always happy to supply you with your requirements of Dry Bricks and the various types of microphone covers that the different speech processors use. Check how much you have at home and if you need more please let us know and we will provide you with what you need. Regular drying of your CI equipment will really help its performance so we are anxious that you use your dry store as much as possible.