Remote Care Project

Helen Cullington

Dr Helen Cullington is continuing our centre’s work on remote care for people with cochlear implants.  She has just been awarded another grant from The Health Foundation to start spreading the improvement that happened in the remote care trial last year.

In the original Health Foundation funded project, we designed, implemented and evaluated a remote care pathway for adults using cochlear implants.  Introducing remote care to 30 adults using cochlear implants resulted in a significant increase in their empowerment to manage their own cochlear implant care, and better hearing stability.  We would like to spread these benefits to many more people using cochlear implants.  We believe that using a remote care person-centred model instead of the usual clinic-centred model will provide better long-term outcomes to people with cochlear implants: higher empowerment and more stable hearing.  We would like to move to a model where patients and clinicians together decide when an appointment is needed, rather than the clinic-centred routine appointment schedule.  This in turn will translate to a more efficient clinic model where clinicians are only seeing patients who have a genuine need to be helped, thus improving job satisfaction.

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