Opportunity to meet CI users in Reading- March 2014

We have been informed about a cochlear implant (CI) social meet up in Reading.

This event is not being run by AIS. It has been organised by a CI user- Michèle Motteux

For more information, read on…

CI Berkshire and CI South West are hosting a joint social afternoon of fun and relaxation in a reserved and secluded area (for a better hearing environment).

When: Saturday 22nd March 2014

Where: Pitcher & Piano

Friar Street, Reading

Time: 2.30pm – 4.30 pm.


Are you an interested CI Candidate and want to find out more about cochlear implants and what it can do to help you hear well again?

Would you like to meet with people who have experienced hearing loss and who now hear better with the most up to date hearing technology?

We all understand the frustration that hearing loss brings because we’ve been there.

Do come along! Your partner, close friend or family member are welcome to come along too.

If you would like to have one-on-one meeting beforehand with a few CI users, to gain a better understanding of what  living life with a CI is like, do email Michele at ci-berkshire@outlook.com to register your interest!