CI, Radio Aids and Soundfield Systems

USAIS are running a two day course on Cochlear Implants, Radio Aids and Soundfield Systems.

CI child

When: Thursday 3rd and Friday 4th November 2016

Where: University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service

Fee: £25 per day (includes light lunch and refreshments)

This is a two day course aimed at Teachers of the Deaf and Educational Audiologists. Day 1 can be attended as a stand-alone day; Day 2 is open to those delegates who have attended Day 1.

Proposed Agenda

The theory element will cover:

  • The implications and challenges of combining a Cochlear Implant processor with a radio aid/soundfield system
  • The rationale behind balancing and verification
  • Issues around when to fit a radio aid to a CI user
  • Features of current radio aids systems with different CIs
  • Fitting and balancing radio aids with Bone Conduction hearing aids

Practical sessions will feature a number of workshops covering:

  • Testbox testing and balancing of Cochlear/AB/MED-el processors in combination with a variety of radio aid systems (bodyworn, ear level, neck loop)
  • Re-broadcasting and balancing soundfield systems
  • Verification through speech tests


Booking information

To book your place please follow the links below: CI, Radio Aids and Soundfield Systems Day 1  CI, Radio Aids and Soundfield Systems Day 2

For all other queries please email