Dr Nicci Campbell nominated for prestigious award

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Congratulations to Dr Nicci Campbell for being nominated for the Times Higher Education award for Most Innovative Teacher.

Nicci has developed an unrivalled reputation for excellence for her education in the area of auditory implantation at Southampton, which enhances, and is enhanced by, her clinical patient care commitments. She has capitalised on this unique location because of USAIS’s reputation for excellence in developing unique student training opportunities, which have significantly enhanced the educational experience of audiology graduates nationally and internationally.

Dr Campbell is the coordinator of the MSc Audiology module; Fundamentals of Auditory Implants, a postgraduate module dedicated exclusively to this area, and consistently rated as ‘excellent’ by students. By combining clinical sessions with academic studies it helps students align their understanding of the traditional roles of ‘clinician’ versus ‘patient’. The students see a ‘live’ tuning session with an USAIS cochlear implant patient, projected onto the ‘big screen’, an invaluable learning experience. Equally, it is empowering for patients who play an active role in the training of the next generation of audiologists.

Nicci Campbell - Audiological Scientist

Dr Campbell said:

“Cochlear implants have completely transformed the lives of those with severe and profound hearing loss over the past 35 years. I have been fortunate to be part of this journey from the very beginning. I am passionate about teaching and am delighted to be shortlisted for this prestigious award!

It is tremendously rewarding to ignite the same passion for learning and love for the field of audiology/cochlear implants in our students. It is humbling to see how the great work done at USAIS impacts nationally and internationally, improving the lives of those with severe and profound hearing loss.”