Auditory Implant Service

Troubleshooting Guides

We have a dedicated playlist on our YouTube channel for troubleshooting each of the cochlear implants, bone conduction hearing implants and wireless accessories. 

Troubleshooting playlist


Below you can find troubleshooting guides from the manufacturers. There is also additional information on their websites and YouTube channels.

AB- ComPilot guide

AB- Naida instructional video

AB – Neptune User Guide



Cochlear- CP810 troubleshooting guide

Cochlear- CP900 troubleshooting video

Cochlear- CP910 and CP920 troubleshooting guide

Cochlear- Nucleus 5 troubleshooting guide

Cochlear – Nucleus 7 CP1000 troubleshooting guide



MED-EL- OPUS-2 Troubleshooting guide

MED-EL SONNET Troubleshooting guide

MED-EL RONDO Troubleshooting guide