Auditory Implant Service

Rosemary Richardson (Mayoress of Verwood)’s cochlear implant experience

Cochlear Implant Patient RosemaryIn October 2013 I will have had my cochlear implant for four years.  I am still hearing new sounds; even today I heard a buzzard in the trees in our Recreation Ground field where we live.  I said to my husband,”What bird is that?” as I listened to the short sharp mewing sound nearby.  It was lovely to hear as it is a high pitch call.  Today I just was wearing my implant and not together as i usually do with my hearing aid in the other ear.  (I had forgotten to put it in.  But sound came clear to me as I listened.

Back in May 2013, my husband was elected our Town Mayor and I the Mayoress, here in Verwood, Dorset.  Together we go out a lot to venues and meet people.  Without the implant I don’t believe I could have done this with my current natural hearing loss being so severe.  We have each chosen Charities to support during this our Mayoral Year.  One is “Action of Hearing Loss”, the other “Wessex Assisting Dogs”.  Both support people who experience being really challenged with many forms of Auditory and other Impairments, and urgently need the services and help for those with disabilities.

I am enjoying life again being much more confident meeting people. I have also shared my experiences with new friends and told them about your work.  These are local residents who are severely deaf like I am, without the benefit cochlear implants bring and who were interested to learn of help that can be sought to assist how to go about finding out about USAIS and its work.

I am so glad I was able to have this operation, to help me find pleasure in hearing sounds again.  At first I was dubious, then eventually decided to have it done.

I would say to anyone who is deaf to go for this as there is so much help and guidance that I have enjoyed and still have the opportunity to receive more – it is so well worth all the waiting and preparing with tests, consultations to eventually appreciate the world of sound again around us all.  I do believe one could not be in better hands.  So thank you all at SOECIC as I still prefer to use the old name for your centre!

Rosemary Richardson- August 2013