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We now produce a regular email newsletter for professionals which provides updates and news about hearing and hearing technology which is known as SOUND BITE. You can view the editions below as well as our former print copy.

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Social stories

For professionals and families supporting children and adults who struggle with changes to their routines, and who perhaps do not have the language skills to understand what a visit to the Cochlear Implant Centre will involve, we highly recommend creating a personalised Social Story. Although Social Stories were originally created to support people with autism, they are widely and successfully used with a wide range of people with communication difficulties.

A Social Story is sometimes misunderstood as an “instruction manual” to tell the person what they should do.  It’s not.  A Social Story is a way of interpreting what might be unguessable about a situation for the person, an additional communication channel to reassure and support them in an unfamiliar task in an unfamiliar environment.  A Social Story might include a couple of suggested choices of action, but mostly it will explain the context in an accessible way.  

Below please find some images of the Implant Centre rooms and equipment which you are very welcome to use for Social Stories and other support material for your pupils.  If you need any additional or more specific images (for example, pictures of the staff who see the person you support most often), or more specific information about what a visit to the Implant Centre might entail, please contact Amy Stephens by emailing


Please feel free to use these images for your own social story by right clicking and pressing ‘Save image as’

Implant CentreWaiting roomCoral room plateaudiology room (coral)Abacus ManInTheBoat Medical room (turtle) Otoscope pod and computerTymp machine SGH sign thermometerShapeSorter ToyTest IMG_0424VRA