Auditory Implant Service

Patient Workshops


We run a programme of Workshops to help our patients get the best from their Cochlear Implants


This workshop aims to introduce patients to using a telephone, for most, after a break, for some for the first time.  The workshop provides an opportunity to try a range of amplified telephones, discuss strategies, build confidence and have a 1:1 session.  Following on from this, patients can opt for a home-based training programme to build on their initial success and learn to manage telephone calls effectively.

“The workshop was very helpful. I can use the telephone with more confidence now.”

“Absolutely fantastic! I learnt so much.”

“It was great being able to try out different telephones.”



CI’s are primarily designed to process speech. So, for a CI user, appreciating music is often a secondary consideration.  Here at Southampton University, much research is being conducted into improving music appreciation for CI users. Furthermore we have developed the I-MAP. This is an interactive, online tool for developing pitch and rhythm perception.

“I can’t wait to try out what I learnt today.”

“An interesting workshop. Useful ideas to try out to improve musical awareness and enjoyment.”



Run by our Hearing Therapist and Clinical Psychologist, this workshop hopes to equip tinnitus sufferers with suggestions for managing this condition. Having a CI can sometimes make tinnitus less noticeable but in some cases make it worse.

“I am sure (the workshop) will help me to cope better on a daily basis.”

“It was very good to talk with others with tinnitus.”



Run by a Speech and Language Therapist, this Workshop is open to both CI users and also their partners. It explains how a voice is produced and ways to keep your voice healthy and avoid damage.



This Workshop is for CI users and their main communication partner.  It covers effective communication tactics, ways of managing conversation breakdown and involves role play to practice conversational repair.

“The workshop was excellent! It was very helpful, informative and enjoyable.”

“The workshop was first class.”

“(I now have)more empathy. We are nearly 10 years on (from implantation) and it has completely changed my outlook.” Partner of CI user



If you are interested in attending any of our workshops please get in touch by emailing