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We have created an online resource for patients who are going through a cochlear implant assessment. The Cochlear Implant Experiences website features information from the Director of USAIS, the cochlear implant surgeons and the patients themselves.

Hear personal stories from cochlear implant users about their experiences, and have your questions answered about the operation and onwards.

Visit the website at:



“I don’t let anyone use my deafness as an excuse to not play hockey, including me!”

Carine Shergill

Carine Shergill is 14 years old, with bilateral cochlear implants and she is a keen hockey player. Hear how her deafness Read more…

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“I have now had an implant for four years and I cannot begin to explain how it helps me to get on with life”


My name is Julie. At the age of 42 I contracted meningococcal meningitis the results of which left me totally Read more…

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Hannah’s Story


My name is Hannah and I am 19 years old. I received bilateral Cochlear implants in the summer of 2014. Read more…

Receiving the gift of sound

cochlear_implants (16)

The University of Southampton Auditory Implant Service (USAIS) has welcomed its first ever couple to receive cochlear implants at the Read more…

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Coping with Tinnitus and returning to “The Light”


My name is David Caplehorn. I have been deaf, which is hereditary, since I was 33 years old. I am now Read more…

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Lisa – “Life on Mute”

Lisa and Sarah, Audiologist

This testimony was provided by Lisa for the MED-EL Life on Mute campaign to raise awareness of hearing loss and Read more…

Life on Mute


Steph Bennett, a VIBRANT SOUNDBRIDGE user, provided this testimony as part of the MED-EL Life on Mute campaign to raise Read more…

“I have got more back than I thought would be possible”

BH and Amy EAS

We heard from one of our service users, Barbara, about her journey to sound with an EAS cochlear implant. EAS Read more…

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“Having cochlear implants has allowed me to realise my dream of studying to become a doctor”


Genevieve Khoury, a patient of the University of Southampton’s Auditory Implant Service, has won a national award that recognises outstanding Read more…

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Early Experience of Hearing Sounds Through A Cochlear Implant


Life has changed significantly since I received my cochlear implant in October 2015, at the age of 77. Having my Read more…

“Implant gave me my life back”


  Barbara Day featured in our 2015 Winter Newsletter showing her tattoo tribute to the West Team at AIS   Read more…

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“I really wouldn’t change a moment since making that first move to have the implant fitted”

Cochlear Implant Patient Jo

Jo Deacon – My Cochlear Implant Story 19th October 2013 will mark the third anniversary of my cochlear implant.  Even Read more…

Rosemary Richardson (Mayoress of Verwood)’s cochlear implant experience

Cochlear Implant Patient Rosemary

In October 2013 I will have had my cochlear implant for four years.  I am still hearing new sounds; even Read more…

Lindsey Baker reflects on nearly 10 years of having a cochlear implant

Stories and letters written by our auditory implant users

Lindsey Baker (nee Wilmshurt) first wrote about her cochlear implant journey in 2005 when she was 15 years old and Read more…

Marion hears her grandsons speaking for the first time thanks to her cochlear implant

Marion says the difference in her hearing since having a cochlear implant is 'astounding'

Marion wrote to update us on her progress since receiving a cochlear implant. How can I ever thank you enough Read more…

Jack’s Story

Jack presenting at the National Paediatric Bilateral Conference

Jack Moodie gave the following presentation at our Bilateral Audit Conference in April 2013 to explain why he decided to Read more…

“I am absolutely delighted with my implant. It has, literally, transformed my life”

 A letter from Christine, a cochlear implant user Having now had my 6 month Audit, I should like to take Read more…

“Life after deaf”

Well, that’s how it feels with a cochlear implant. It isn’t natural hearing of course, but the difference after the Read more…

“It is absolutely fantastic to be able to communicate and do things on my own”

John’s Story John Lassman, 56, from Oakley in Basingstoke, started to lose his hearing in 1981 and about six years Read more…

“It is like watching a flower opening and blooming and she’s always coming out with different things each day”

Helen Long- A Parent’s Story Helen Long’s daughter, Ella, was diagnosed deaf when she was born and fitted with hearing Read more…