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Music-related quality of life questionnaire

Giorgos Dritsakis

The Music-related Quality of Life (MuRQOL) questionnaire for cochlear implant users was developed and validated as part of a three year project and is now available for use. Giorgos Dritsakis completed his PhD in 2017, supervised by Dr Rachel van Besouw and Dr Carl Verschuur in the research field of Music and Hearing. 

The questionnaire can be used to measure changes in music experiences of adult users after music rehabilitation or identify individual rehabilitation needs.  It asks questions on the level of music perception and music engagement and then how important this is to the cochlear implant user.

The questionnaire and its instructions for use can be found at the links below:

Music-related Quality of Life Questionnaire

Music-related Quality of Life Questionnaire Instructions for Use

This document provides recommendations for the use of the MuRQoL questionnaire and scoring instructions for each of the recommended uses. Most of the instructions and recommendations contained in this document are based on the reliability and validity evidence presented in Dritsakis et al. (in press). To access the journal, visit the link below:

A Music-Related Quality of Life Measure to Guide Music Rehabilitation for Adult Cochlear Implant Users

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