Auditory Implant Service

Marion hears her grandsons speaking for the first time thanks to her cochlear implant

Marion wrote to update us on her progress since receiving a cochlear implant.

How can I ever thank you enough for your wonderful dedicated work for the deaf and hard of hearing and especially for helping me with the cochlear implant I received in May.

You have transformed my life and although early days, I am told, by my family and friends, that the difference in my hearing is astounding! It is far above my previous expectations and I am able to hear things not heard for many years. The special test for me was to hear my grandsons (aged now six and three) speaking- for the first time! Yesterday I even dared to answer the telephone which had been a no go area for about four years. I was able to hear the callers and receive the messages. I can hear some of the television although I’ve been used to subtitles for years. Now I am hoping to resume my puppetry hobby and have found my last CD which I hope to revise.

To no longer shy away from conversations is wonderful as I was becoming dependant on my husband to accompany me anywhere in public. I felt I was becoming a recluse as any kind of social life was becoming more and more difficult. I even struggled with people who understood my problem and although I once went to a coffee morning for the hard of hearing, I was not able to converse with others who sat the other side of the table.

Thank you, thank you all again, for your care and patience, your excellent organisation, especially with the numerous appointments, and above all your valuable work.