Auditory Implant Service

“I am absolutely delighted with my implant. It has, literally, transformed my life”

 A letter from Christine, a cochlear implant user

Having now had my 6 month Audit, I should like to take this opportunity to write and thank you and all the staff members who have accompanied me and my husband on my cochlear implant journey.

Exactly a year ago today, my audiologist at the Royal Berkshire Hospital in Reading wrote to what was then SOECIC, asking you to assess me for a cochlear implant.

At that point, I was very anxious about the whole business. My waking thought each morning would be ‘cochlear implant’ and my heart would sink – partly because I’d looked it up on the internet and found mostly negatives!

However, from my first appointment in October last year, all my anxieties were allayed and by the end of the ‘Introduction to Assessment’ meeting I was feeling much more optimistic. That feeling just grew and grew, until within a month or so I was thinking, ‘I really want a cochlear implant’!

My total change of attitude is down, in large part, to the quite amazing team you have at AIS. Every single member of staff we have met, without exception, from the ladies working in Reception through to the consultants (I saw two as I took a cancellation which involved a change of surgeon!) have been unfailingly positive, encouraging, helpful and courteous without being patronising. They all made me feel like a person, not just someone to be dealt with as quickly as possible and got rid of! The ‘can do’ ethos in the centre, is, I’m sure, a major part of its success. Another aspect of this is the fact that letters are clear, and queries dealt with promptly and courteously.

It’s invidious, perhaps to name names, but I’d like especially to thank Sarah Flynn, who after my Introduction to Assessment meeting offered to write a letter for me to support my plea to be excused from Jury Service. She said it would be waiting for me two days later on my return- and sure enough it was! Other people who have been particularly helpful are Anna Lyford and of course my wonderful follow-up audiologist Suzanne O’Gara.

I am absolutely delighted with my implant. It has, literally, transformed my life and is so much more successful than either Eddie or I had dared hope!

You are all doing a wonderful job and we wish you every success in the future.