Auditory Implant Service

Bone Anchored Hearing Aid Programme

The Auditory Implant Service welcomes referrals for consideration for a bone-anchored hearing aid for patients who have a range of hearing losses that may be conductive, mixed or sensorineural. Recipients receive assessment, implantation and life long follow-up.

What is it?

A bone-anchored hearing aid system (Baha®) is a device which converts sound waves into sound vibrations which are delivered directly to the inner ear through the skull bone. It uses the principle of bone conduction. The Baha® comprises a vibration transducer which is coupled to a titanium implant surgically fixed to the temporal bone of the skull. In normal hearing, sound is transmitted to the inner ear by air through the external ear canal and the bones of the middle ear, this is called air conduction.

Therefore people who are unable to hear using air conduction are able to receive sound by bone conduction using a Baha®. Different processors are available for different hearing levels.

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Baha® 5 Connect System

Baha 5 Power

Baha® 5 Power

Baha 5 Superpower

Baha® 5 Super Power










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Who is it for?

 The main indications for Baha® are:

  • Permanent bilateral conductive or mixed hearing loss.
  • Bilateral conductive or mixed hearing loss where one ear works better than the other, but clinicians who have considered two air conduction hearing aids if the type of hearing loss had not precluded their use.
  • Unilateral conductive hearing loss with ear canal stenosis.
  • Profound unilateral sensorineural hearing loss (usually adults only)

The following audiological criteria should be met:

  • man with baha 5Conductive or mixed hearing loss with a bone conduction pure tone average (0.5, 1,2, 3,kHZ) threshold up to 65dB.
  • Air conduction pure tone average not better than 40dBHL (for Adults).
  • A maximum speech discrimination score better that 60% which using a phonetically balanced word list.

Patient benefit

Patients report the following benefits:

  • No discomfort or infections due to ear moulds
  • Less distortion and feedback
  • Better overall sound awareness for single-sided deafness
  • Improved speech understanding in noise

For more than 30 years Baha® has been used in helping people overcome their hearing impairment. In addition there are more than 80,000 users worldwide and there is an abundance of clinical evidence supporting the benefits of Baha®.

Please feel free to contact us for further information.

The Auditory Implant Service offers the Attract fitting which uses magnets to attach the external part of the device to candidates who have sufficient bone conduction hearing to benefit.

Baha® 5 Attract System

Baha® 5 Attract System

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How the Baha® Attract System works.

child with baha 5 attract

A small implant made of titanium is inserted in the bone behind your ear. The implant magnet is attached and hidden beneath the skin. A sound processor is then attached to an external magnet and sound is transmitted as vibrations from the processor via the magnets to the implant. Then the implant directs them through the bone to stimulate the inner ear.

Additionally, for extra comfort, the Baha® SoftWear™ Pad attaches to the external magnet, adapts comfortably to the shape of your head, and distributes pressure evenly.

The internal and external magnets provide an invisible connection between the implant and the sound processor.

For more information about the Baha® Attract system click here. Finally, please download the How Baha works factsheet


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